Lobster dinner, a speciality of Gordon Research Conference! [Summer 2022, Holderness, NH]
Presenting at F&C workshop organized by MIT. [Summer 2022]
Team NNPSS! [Summer 2022, MIT]
JLUO Poster Competition prize giving ceremony. (Summer 2022)
With my poster. (JLab User Meeting, Summer 2022)
During JLUO 2022 reception [Left to right: Anu, Zeke, myself, Saru, & Prof. Michael Kohl]. (JLab, Summer 2022)
Mesmerizing view of NYC at night from the Empire State Building. (APS April Meeting 2022)
Managed some time to explore NYC as well [Right to left - Eric, Sean, Zeke, and I]. (APS April Meeting 2022)
APS April Meeting 2022! My first in-person conference. [Left to right - Anu, Sean, John, and I]
At the Old Rag Mountain Summit, Shenandoah National Park! We decided to hike Old Rag to get prepared for the experiment run time madness - looking back, it was a great decision! (Summer 2021)
UConn Group [Left to right - Dr. Eric Fuchey, Prof. Andrew Puckett, myself, and Sebastian Seeds] at JLab Experimental Hall A during SBS installation (Summer 2021).
Hadron Calorimeter (HCAL) in the Hall during SBS-GMn installation (Summer 2021).
BigBite Spectrometer in the hall during SBS-GMn installation (Summer 2021).
In the middle of making a giant grounding cable (JLab Hall A, Summer 2021)!
Time to start recabling BigBite as well as Super BigBite Spectrometers in the Hall [Left to right - Arun, Eric, Sebastian] (JLab Hall A, Summer 2021)!
Exhausted us, after the massive effort of decabling BigBite (Summer 2021)!
Time to shift all the signal cables and the HV cables , that we decabled, to the hall as well (Summer 2021).
Moving BigBite detector package from TEDF to Hall A as a part of the SBS-GMn installation (Summer 2021).
Preparing signal cables for the BigBite trigger monitoring system (Summer 2021).
Fabricating a NIM patch panel with capacitative filters at EEL building, JLab. This was used to mitigate the walking of offset of the FI/FO outputs used in BigBite trigger (Spring 2021).
Sebastian and I are working on the RICH PMTs at Prof. Puckett's lab at UConn (Spring 2021).
First tour of JLab Experimental Halls (Summer 2019).
Trip to Williamsburg, VA with team HUGS (Summer 2019).
On our way to JLab from UConn. It was my (also Sebastian's) first trip to JLab after joining Prof. Puckett's group (Summer 2019).